Sunday, February 08, 2009

On-campus student life - new coverage on the way

Have you ever walked through campus, passing students left and right going to and from class? Have you ever slowed your life down when this moment occurs, to get a feel for the students around you, almost as if there is a beat or rhythm to the footsteps of each passerby?

This is what I have come to understand as the Towson University student beat.

For the Spring 2009 semester, I will be assigning myself to the Residence Life story beat. Anything as far as on-campus events, issues concerning resident students or updates in residence halls are all fair game for coverage. This is a broad scope of ideas that will string together throughout the semester. All of these posts will be designed to analyze, observe, or inform the student body of Towson University.

There is much to be reported on, considering there are over 20,000 students enrolled this year. There are also two additional residence halls on campus. Above all, there is an ever-growing amount of initiatives and programs designed for students at this university.

For resourceful information try some of th e links below:

Housing and Residence Life

TUPD Crime Log
Campus Event Calendar

If wanting to submit a news tip or story suggestion contact Daniel Gross at:

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Nice touch on having people submit story ideas!