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Exceptional Journalists and Portfolios

Photo by: Daniel Gross

Brett Roegiers
Graduate from the University of Florida- Multimedia Journalist

Click here to see his webpage:

Roegiers is a recently graduated student from the University of Florida that has experienced a number of different forms of multimedia along the way.  He has worked The Independant Florida Alligator and has interned for the Gainsville Sun as well.  

This journalist works mostly with web deisgn and Flash media but has also dealt with a number of journalistic story assignments.  

I am not certain, but I would say that this person's backpack is always containing his laptop computer (most likely a Mac Book), an iPod, a voice recorder, USB drives, a digital photo camera, writing utensils and a notebook.

After viewing Roegiers' Web Site and communicating with him, he had been freelancing with the Miami Herald and is now a multimedia journalist with

Jared Silfies 
Journalist Student

View his blog on at:

In my opinion, afer reading over Elements of Style by William Strunk, Jr., talks a great deal about the importance of keeping a professional verbage and English language when writing.  Writing should not be taken lightly, especially in a time when multimedia is becoming more prevelant in today's journalism.  

The book is trying to tell journalists like Jared Silfies to not forget the importance of writing and reporting correctly and to the English standard.  I don't think this book is saying that there is a problem with how the industry has evolved and is continuing to evolve, only that there should still be a strong emphaisis on the words and sentence phrasing of stories and other writings.

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MCOM Final Newscast

WTOW- Sports News Broadcast

In this project, I produced, directed, edited and acted on screen to create a final presentation for MCOM 101 -Introduction to Mass Communications with Dr. Sandy Nichols.  

Congratulations and thank you to everyone that helped and contributed to this project. Each member in the cast brought their own unique style to the broadcast news industry.