Sunday, November 02, 2008

Amazing Race Event to be held at Towson

On Friday, Nov. 7, an event hosted by Towson's campus activities board and university residence government will be held to simulate the CBS television reality series, The Amazing Race. I plan on attending the event and covering it for a story assignment. I will publish this article on my personal website to illustrate my multimedia skills of journalistic reporting. 

This event will host TU students in groups of three to five people, all competing in a race on campus. 

To ensure accurate information and coverage, I will touch base with the event contact, Ryan Grasso to make him aware of my attendance. I will speak to him, other CAB and URG representatives and interview a number of participating students. 

I will make sure that I obtain all of the necessary facts from the event such as the start and end times, how many attended, what were the reasons for hosting the event, if this has been done in the past and what the students had to do if competing. 

Potential Questions:

-How was the event?
-How many people attended?
-What happened at the event? What was the idea?
-Who came up with the idea?
-What was the motive behind creating such an event?
-How do you feel the event was enjoyed?
-Will this become an annual? Semi-annual event?
-Were there prizes given away?


-How did you enjoy the event?
-Why did you decide to attend?
-Do you watch The Amazing Race on CBS?
-Did you find the race challenging, enjoyable, etc.?

Photo Possibilities:

Seeing that it is a night event, photos will be a challenge.  My Canon XTi Digital SLR uses a standard lens with 3.5 as its lowest F stop. Therefore, I may be forced to use flash, which will compromise some photo quality but still may produce some good shots. Things to look for:

-Students running during race
-Starting line of student teams
-Finish line with first team crossing
-Main event table with prizes, staff, snacks, with students enjoying, etc.

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Hi Dan,
This sounds like a fun story. I would try to focus on one person and tell the story through that person. You can include event details, etc. in the body of the story, but it might make it a more compelling read.